4908-1Weathered a Trainorama 49 the other day.

4908-2First I dulcote the model. I used Tamiya Clear Matt Coat.

Then I prepare the stuff I’m going to use. I mix AIM products weathering powders with Isopropyl alcohol. I use the Isocol brand of alcohol.

A shot of the mixture inside the spray bottle

A shot of the mixture inside the spray bottle

The first thing I do is spray the bogies with a grey powder as a sort of undercoat for other colours.

Grey boots on 4908

Grey bogies on 4908

My next step is to then use an earth colour to add some more colour to the bogies and to the side of the loco. I also noticed that this helps give the paint a faded look. For this mixture I used “Dusty Brown” and “Medium Earth” mixed together with the Isocol.


I weather the roof and side vents next. I used a grimy black and then a grungy black as well for the roof. The vent on the side is weathering using grimy black.



In the end various things conspired against me and this is how 4908 ended up. I’m going to go back and attack the bogies one day to make them look better.



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